We Have Been Food, Wine, and Coffee Experts for Over Twenty Years

We were chefs who worked in restaurants that served wide varieties of cuisines. Among the places we worked at were Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Indian restaurants, cooking up various dishes of main courses and desserts. We also worked at an American restaurant cooking up favourites that Australians could identify with and loved eating.

We worked in bars in various locations making people happy bonding with friends and good rounds of wine. We made some friends along the way with the customers we had in these bars. We figured why not join in the fun these people had among themselves, and develop a rapport with them. We discovered such customers preferred to drink different flavours of wine. They found drinking only one flavour of wine monotonous and boring.

Currently, we work in iconic locally branded coffee shops. Many people love to have meaningful conversations with their families, friends, and other loved ones while drinking different kinds of coffees. We love getting compliments from patrons when they tell us we make coffee that taste right to their taste buds. We make sure to make only coffee in accordance to the customized taste preferences of our customers. We make coffee that doesn’t taste too sweet for customers who are diabetic. Some of our customers request we make coffee that tastes a little bitter. Others even request we don’t put any sugar in their coffee. We always cater to all such and other requests that pertain to customized making and preparation of coffee upon customers’ requests.

As chefs, bartenders, and baristas, we have realized through the years that loving our jobs is important to be able to cook the most delicious foods our customers enjoy. When we love our jobs, we are motivated to work hard and do our best when performing our tasks. We are not forced to go to work and perform our duties when we love our jobs.

When we get loyal customers, we go the extra mile to make them smile by doing extra favours for them. These extra favours include giving them freebies courtesy of the management of the establishments where we work. The management of restaurants and bars where we worked were proud of us for pleasing customers, and, in turn, retaining these individuals as loyal clients. The same thing has been happening in the coffee shops where we presently work. We are pleased to share that we were promoted to higher positions in these jobs several times for getting excellent customer satisfaction reviews!